Content Warnings

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Project Introduction

One morning, Yax wakes up in an orbital station prison with his memory wiped. He doesn't know how he got there, he doesn't know why he's locked up in a prison, and he doesn't know what the implants in his head are for. So there's only one thing to do: break out of prison... and try not to die in the harsh environment of a space colony. Which will be quite a challenge, because danger lurks at every turn on the orbital station SAGA: its districts are teeming with street gangs, feral robots, backstabbing thugs, sneaky hackers, insane neurosurgeons, decadently depraved millionaires, cyber-courtesans and cannibalistic chefs. And even if Yax manages to successfully navigate his way through this labyrinth of technological crime, he's far from finished: he must discover just what dark mystery he's at the center of - and why does this secret threaten to destroy all of humanity.

About Developer

A small team of former and current professional game developers who are working on this game in their spare time.