Content Warnings


Project Introduction

Umbral Core stands out thanks to its rich combat system, advanced technical features, unique art direction and deep lore.

Gameplay-wise, we felt the need of blending together the rationality of Street Fighter and the fast pace of Guilty Gear, with an engaging flow that alternates spacing and explosiveness. We also wanted to achieve a deep combat system that aims at rewarding resource management and individual playstyles, allowing for creativity and expressiveness.

We strive to offer advanced technical features and customization options. Umbral Core includes rollback netcode for a seamless online experience, uncapped FPS for smooth visuals, and additional features such as in-game frame data, visible hitboxes, custom online input delay, ultrawide support and more.

We are avid fighting game enthusiasts, but also dark fantasy addicts. Whilst dark themes are very appreciated in other genres and media, they haven't been explored too much in modern fighting games. Therefore, we had no doubts on the direction to take when discussing about the setting we wished for our game.

Another aspect that we really wanted to push is narrative. Fighting games are arcade by nature. Despite that, we are designing a deep narrative world that aims at creating an engaging single-player experience for our players.

About Developer

We are three 29-years-old friends - two computer engineers (programming) and a marketing manager (game design & marketing) with a competitive fighting game past - who decided to start a passion project in front of a beer.
The project quickly evolved as we managed to spark the interest of some extremely talented professionals spread across the world in places such as Italy, France, UK, Spain and the USA.