Project Introduction

* Skill to win. Pay only for customization.
* Short matches. You will need only 90sec to play the match so it's handy to play whenever you are awaiting something.
* Nostalgia about old Crash Bash game on PS1.
* Huge variety of supported platforms. You can play the game almost on everything.
* It's online game, so you can play it with friends.
* It's a very dynamic game with constant battle on the small game board. It's fun when everybody attacking eachother with everything they have and you are trying to survive there in a chaos of battle.
* An ability to get even legendary items from shop just for playing the game well in ranked mode and keep your rank high.
* In game social part (Chat, Friends list, Parties and modes you can join with your friends to play togather)
* Various game modes available (Casual, Ranked, 4-5-6 players deathmatch, event modes)

About Developer

Hello, my name is Ruslan. I like programming and games therefore I became games developer.

I already have over 10 years of commercial experience in gamedev with Unity game engine and time to time I have ideas about pet projects. I am pretty good at programming, but the games are much more complex than just a code, so I hire various freelance artists to make the game not only working but also look good.

My leadership and experience allows me to define and prioritize short term goals which lead to global ones step by step, divide and delegate tasks among other specialists, manage a team of several freelancers at the same time and do codding :)