Content Warnings

There can be offensive language, some blood (not excessive).

Project Introduction

Two Falls (Nishu Takuatshina) is a first-person single player, narrative-driven experience that presents contrasting perspectives on French and Indigenous first encounters.
Explore 17th century Canadian wilderness in this 3D linear game and experience the intertwining journeys of Jeanne, a French King’s Daughter stranded far from the French colonies and Maikan, a young Innu hunter trying to uncover what is disturbing his native forest, land of his ancestors.

Jeanne is a strong-willed French woman who set sail to the colonies of Nouvelle-France, hoping to start a better life overseas. After her ship runs aground, she and Capitaine, an English Sheperd traveling with her, emerge as its sole survivors. Forced to weather the dangers of Canada’s uncharted wilderness, her faith in God will be tested as she makes her way to Quebec. Will she remain devoted in the face of impossible odds? Or commit grave sins for the sake of survival?

A young hunter-gatherer from an isolated Innu community, Maikan is the great-grandson of a medicine man, and has never known what life was before the arrival of white men. After discovering a sinister phenomenon that threatens the future of his people, he sets off on a journey west, hoping to uncover the mystery behind the land’s defilement. Tradition will guide his path through unfamiliar wilderness. But nothing can prepare him for first contact with the outsiders.

As you play through Two Falls, you'll uncover the distinct realities and cultures of Jeanne and Maikan, each with their unique perspective on life. With two distinct artistic and musical directions, you'll interpret the events from their points of view and discover that a single event can have vastly different meanings for each character.
The game's mechanics serve the story, with detective-like scene inspections and exploration of unique 17th-century environments. With each decision, you'll be drawn deeper into the story, questioning your own beliefs and becoming fully immersed in the historical inspirations of the game.

Two Falls is a game about Indigenous stories, created in collaboration with Indigenous creative minds.
The composer (Eadsé), art director, writer, some actors and 3D artists all come from various Native communities from Canada.
We also work with a Council of Elders composed of First Nations members, who advise, guide, and explain which versions of the story they want to put forward.

About Developer

Unreliable Narrators is an independent video game studio based in Quebec, dedicated to crafting narrative-driven games. Our mission is to unveil the untold side of history through original stories, stirring powerful emotions within players. Part of the team is from France and we also have some Indigenous people working with us.
We specialize in creating gorgeous and atmospheric environments, featuring stylized art that enhances the immersive experience. Our games delve into historical backgrounds, offering captivating narratives that resonate with players worldwide.
In our team, women hold key positions! Tara Miller, an Indigenous woman, plays a crucial role as our Lead 2D Artist. Another talented woman, Laurene Betard, serves as the Brand Manager for the studio.