Project Introduction

Embark on a wild ride in TROLEU, a wacky first-person action game where you step into the shoes of a trolleybus conductor. Experience the bizarre yet oddly captivating routine of public transportation, where ensuring passengers' travel validity becomes your top priority. Welcome aboard, where the everyday becomes extraordinary, and getting off at next stop isn't an option since now you're the one in charge!

Ensure that every passenger aboard the trolleybus has paid their fare and holds a valid travel pass. Whether they're paying with cash or card, make sure to provide change or process transactions using your trusty POS terminal. Don't forget to double-check any suspicious-looking travel passes and issue tickets promptly. Remember, some passengers may not take kindly to being overlooked!

There's always a few troublemakers who think they can ride for free or pass off fake passes. And hey, we get it—some days, you just need to let off some steam. We won't judge if you decide to flex your authority, even if it means repeatedly knocking down an innocent old lady.

Sometimes, you'll encounter passengers with a bit of a temper who might try to pick a fight. In those situations, it's your duty to maintain order and keep everyone safe, even if you were the one who initiated the fight. No backing off.

Keep an eye out for surprise inspections by the ticket inspector—they can spell trouble FOR YOU if they catch any fare dodgers or counterfeit passes onboard.

About Developer

andrground is a solo indie game developer from Chisinau, Moldova. Until now has been developing games for and is best known for a short horror game Elevated Dread which got 50k downloads and a couple of millions views on YouTube. Also has been a part of a team that developed Sneakerdoodle, one of the winners of GMTK Game Jam 2023 that got more than 14k browser plays. andrground’s primary goal is to create fun, engaging and memorable experiences with the limited resources he has.