Project Introduction

Tower of Kalemonvo merges ARPG gameplay with survival mechanics by having the player face the dungeons with no town or central hub to fall back to. You must make do with whatever equipment you find and ration your healing items wisely, for running out will spell your doom. The game functions like most Isometric "Diablo-like" ARPGs by having a third person camera and using the mouse to move and attack. The layout of the levels are randomly assembled by combining prefab rooms and filling them with randomly placed props, items, enemies, objects, NPCs and so on

About Developer

There are several active contributors to the game.
The design and programming are handled by Osur, who is also the lead of the project. Osur is based in Belgrade, Serbia and has been working on the game since 2019. The game started off as a part time after-work hobby, which eventually evolved into a fully fledged full-time commitment.

2D art, 3D models, and music are all commissioned from 3 friends who work part-time on the project