Content Warnings

The game contains fantasy violence.

Project Introduction

Tormentis is a mix of classic ARPG and a tactical dungeon builder.

As you play other players' dungeons, you will continually be faced with new challenges that players have thought up. By defeating monsters and reaching the treasury, you receive new items and raw materials that you need to improve your own equipment.

In the Dungeon Editor you design the defense of your own dungeon. You connect different rooms and place monsters, traps and decorative dungeon furnishings. You also have to place your treasure chests cleverly in order to force the players into ambushes and dangerous situations. Only when you have successfully mastered your dungeon once will it be activated for other players.

By defeating player dungeons you collect trophies and move up in the league. The higher a player is ranked at the end of the league season, the better his reward will be.

About Developer

We are a husband wife team and have been working on Tormentis for 3 years.