Content Warnings

The game contains cartoony graphic scenes and some smoking, as well as a couple swearwords.

Project Introduction

This spooky adventure follows the mischevious Tom on her deliveries which surprisingly always go wrong. No wonder, she is a real stalker and peeks inside whenever she gets the occasion to. Go along with her and see what the locals may have to hide.

Immerse yourself in unique, hand-drawn settings. Discover lots of places and hideaways full of mystery. Frame by frame animation gives a retro vibe to this world and throws you into a strange village where suspicious events are happpening.

Spying is stronger than Tom, she can't help herself. As you follow her, you'll witness a wide variety of scenes, each more surprising and shocking than the last. Is it gonna stop you from continuing to do so? Quite the opposite.

Accompany Tom on her duties, delivering packages to the deranged villagers. This job provides the perfect alibi to get closer and get more glimpses into their intimacy. But will you resist the temptation of knowing what the package contains?

About Developer

Three abnormally long friends joining forces to make cewl games!
Indie studio based in Zürich, aiming to create visually-driven games with innovative storytelling.