Project Introduction

In Tinkerlands, players find themselves stranded on an island. They must craft, scavenge equipment, build a town for fellow survivors, and face various dangers in this mysterious world!

- Explore the Islands
The islands are full of things to explore. Enhance your character's strength by discovering loot and crafting weapons and gear.

- Build a town
Establish a community where diverse characters can join and assist you throughout your adventure.

- Craft and find loot
Collect resources from the island's environment and vanquish monsters to craft formidable weapons—or less powerful ones, if that's your preference.

- Use magic (or do not!)
On these islands filled with magic and mystery, you’ll need to decide whether to rely on your physical skills or harness powerful magic in combat. And don't forget to brew potions for that extra edge in battle!

- Join forces with your friends
Embark on an epic adventure with your comrades, braving the mysteries of Tinkerlands together. Unite, thrive, and conquer the challenges as one!

Key features:
- Procedurally generated magic world full of curiosities;
- Numerous unique procedurally generated biomes to explore;
- Various enemies that will rush you in developing your survival arsenal;
- Opportunity to build your town;
- Crafting and building mechanics;
- Map-making and sailing mechanics;
- Co-op mode.

About Developer

Endless Coffee is a team of 4 game developers from Spain, led by CodeManu. All team members have been in the game-making scene for a while, but in 2022 they got united by a shared dream of adding new ideas to the survival-adventure genre. Their current project, Tinkerlands, is the materialization of this dream.