Content Warnings

Nothing really upsetting except that the game currently still requires keyboard and mouse, sorry gamepad users ;)

Project Introduction

Time Travel Shanty is a piratey isometric action-adventure with a time-travel twist that combines metroidvania level design and hack & slash combat. Players control a marooned pirate on a cursed island who is about to change destiny.
After acquiring the time stone, players can use torches to open time portals that transport them to past versions of the map. This aids in overcoming physical obstacles, discovering hidden treasure or encountering NPCs who can provide valuable assistance.
Players can discover and wield a collection of weapons such as a torch, a saber, a musket or bombs, each opening the game map up even further, and serving as potent tools in present-timeline battles against enemies. The growing arsenal not only enhances combat prowess but also deepens the exploration experience.
While normal enemies can be beaten in the present timeline, bosses require the player to make use of their time-travel abilities to overcome them.
In the face of adversity, death serves as a chance to rewind time. Players respawn at the temple where the time stone was first acquired. This temple also becomes a gathering point for rescued crew members. Reconnecting with crewmates not only unlocks new dialogue but presents opportunities to upgrade gear, empowering the player's abilities.

About Developer

At this time, gypynkt Games is a one-person-studio based in Berlin, Germany. The studio was founded by gypynkt (Sebastian Graetz) who started with game development in April 2020 coming from a background of photography, video editing and graphic design. The studio has so far released one game commercially, Xmas Apocalypse (a roguelite horde-survival shooter), in 2022 and was nominated for the Rising Star Award at the Indie Cup Germany ‘22 for the entry Iron Guardian, a cyberpunk mecha adventure.