Project Introduction

An adventure set in a far away land. Where you can switch between past and future, Your Time Flip device allows you to do it at any time, in real time and with the press of a button. Find the missing ones, those who have been abducted by interdimensional entities. Free them and they’ll help you on your path. Be careful, though, there will be resistance. Enjoy the ride!
Key Features

- A place to discover on your own, no hand holding
- A party of companions with different unique abilities
- Clear the path for your companions to follow you using your time-flip device
- Immersive and dynamic, an ever-changing environment
- Save a world that is on a path to annihilation

About Developer

Time Flipper is developed by Luis Hostos, also known as Lusho Games, a solo indie game developer from Spain. With over 10 years of experience as a game artist in several mobile game studios, he is now exploring his passion for the world of indie games.