Content Warnings

Area 3 has a Demon that consumes the Energy of a Unicorn.
While the shown build was officially classified by USK for 12+ (potentially lower, we only checked for 12+ for a convention) that could be irritating. But it should be fine.

Project Introduction

tilt frog is a hardcore precision rage game with only one goal: Get that Frog to the Top!

Play as a cute frog lost in a not so cute vertical world of challenges and regret. Swing upwards using only your super elastic tongue and the skills you develop while playing the game – no excuses! Improve and master your abilities to finally get the frog back to where he belongs!

Your ultimate goal is to reach the top of the game. On your way you will face challenging obstacles while your progress is constantly at stake. Only you decide your fate: Get all the way up to the top or fall back down into the depths of the well.

The World of tilt frog is an odd one. Swing up alongside of mystic creatures, obsessive cults and remarkable landscapes to deliver the golden sphere to your princess.

tilt frog is played using only your mouse or controller. No strings attached. However, how you use these tools will have a dramatic impact on the outcome you experience. To rise or to fall is the difference of true mastery or foolish hybris.

About Developer

We're 5 lovely individuals loving the craft of making (and surely playing) video games. Besides making our own games happen, we are working on client projects within the game space to stay afloat.

As a company, we do and will always aim to build the best possible people first culture. Money is a resource, not a goal. We work 35h and fully wfh. While we do have core times and Sprint meetings, we do encourage everyone to structure their working time as they wish to. Happy people make better games.

We're 5 lovely people who each wear quite some hats to make things happen - but that's part of the thrill, isn't it?