Project Introduction

"Crafting potions, summoning creatures, reading tarot cards… All these are arduous tasks! Join three disorganized witches, each a master in their craft, as they seek your help to bring order to their magical chaos."

The full version features 100 handcrafted levels in pixel art through 3 different themed environments. They will progressively challenge and engage the player's organizational skills and wit! From a Cerberus eagerly awaiting to be pat to a multiple-eyed cross-shaped Demon, encounter 26 uniquely shaped ingredients. Intuitively organizing ingredients using only the mouse, Tidy Cauldron is perfect for beginners and seasoned players.

We plan to release the game this year, and we have a demo of 15 levels available on Steam and itchio. The game and demo are translated into 5 languages so far (English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Korean).

About Developer

We are Purring Campfire, a 2-people French and queer studio made of Cléo and Florian. We craft cute silly and relaxing indie games.
We met at school while studying Game Design in Lyon, France in 2018, and we’ve been working together since then! We are now working remotely, one of us being in France and the other travelling in Taiwan at the moment.