Project Introduction

You must build a vibrant ancient metropolis, meet the needs of its inhabitants and efficiently process the acquired resources. Creating simple houses or warehouses storing food is not challenging, but building complex production systems, growing plants, and breeding animals could be demanding even for experienced players. But it's not all!

During battles, players can activate special abilities such as mass healing or dealing increased damage to opponents, depending on the technological advancements they have previously developed and the buildings placed in the city.

You need to prepare your city for upcoming situations to avoid severe consequences. Sometimes you will build hospitals for sick residents, sometimes warehouses to accommodate exceptionally fertile crops.

The time until the destruction of your fledgling civilization is running out sooner than you think. Satisfy the whims of the gods and trade with them to buy more time before the coming cataclysm. Gain the trust of the deities or cleverly outsmart them.

Our game - The Whims of the Gods - includes a cooperation system unique in the genre. Instead of competing, cooperate. Remember, however, that conflicts may arise even between the best players.


1. The game offers cooperative gameplay intended for two players, allowing them to build an ancient city together

2. The implemented combat module utilizes auto-battler mechanics to defend the city against a growing threat.

3. A system of key decisions allows players to determine their role in the city's development and how they will develop it technologically.

4. An extensive religion mode will allow players to turn to gods and receive their blessings.

5. A special calendar predicting future events such as monster attacks, natural disasters, abundant harvests, and many more

6. Possibility to unlock different game endings

About Developer

We are PJ GAMES. Our studio was created in 2021 in Warsaw. The studio is the result of the cooperation of two players in the branch of game development: Platige Image S.A. - a company known for producing visual content, animation and VFX - and Juggler Games, a team consisting of game dev veterans who created the critically acclaimed game My Memory of Us.

Currently, we are working on the upcoming game titled The Whims of the Gods.