Project Introduction

The Spell Brigade is an online co-op survivors-like for 1-4 players. Team up with your wizard friends to slay hordes of dark creatures. Complete team-based objectives, unlock new upgrades and create overpowered spell synergies. Friend nor foe is safe in this friendly fire bullet hell!


The Spell Brigade combines the survivors-like gameplay you love with good old multiplayer madness. Fight thousands of weird monsters together. Complete missions and upgrade spells together. Survive together!


Taking on entire armies is risky business. Assemble your Brigade and walk this mystical warpath together. Fighting as a team has many perks, but you will inevitably step on each other’s toes. But fear not! Even the most unfortunate, gruesome of deaths can be remedied through the power of sorcery and friendship!


Find, upgrade and combine your spells with powerful elements. Everything works together to ensure that no 2 builds are ever the same. Multiply this by the amount of wizards in your squad, and the potential for pure, unhinged chaos is endless!

The Spell Brigade will feature the following content for its Early Access release:
- 8 playable Wizards
- 3 different Worlds with unique hazards and missions
- 9 Enemy types
- 33 Spells and 4 combinable Elements
- Artifacts, Upgrades and Cosmetics
- 4 Difficulties

About Developer

Bolt Blaster Games is a six-person indie game studio from Belgium, founded in 2020. In 2023 they released their first game, a cartoony roguelite shooter in VR called GAZZLERS. It’s a crazy little game in which you fight off hordes of - you guessed it - Gazzlers, with a gun you build yourself from combined parts and upgrades you get after each wave, all in a colorful, cartoony style.

Working on GAZZLERS post-launch really showed the Bolt Blaster team the value of community feedback and engagement, which is something they want to improve on while working on their second title. Still a young studio with the ambition to make great, fun games, they are eager to grow as game developers, one game at a time.