Content Warnings

Please be aware this game address topics such as grief, depression, self harm and suicide. If you find these themes triggering, please be careful when playing the game. You are under no obligation to have to play the game, and you can stop at any time by pressing the escape key or menu button on the controller.
If you need any support please visit our website where we have compiled helpful resources:

Project Introduction

Dear Diary, My name is Alice, and what I'm about to tell you...I've never told anyone..."

The Quiet Things is a first-person narrative game where you will discover pages of Alice’s life and seek to piece together fragments of memories, as well as more hidden, dark secrets. Explore the many places Alice has lived, interact with objects and hear her memories.

Developed with the goal of creating conversations around some of the more taboo aspects of mental health, and exploring the corners of a story that need to be told.

• An auto-biographical game, including real diary entries kept as a teenager
• Explore beautiful re-creations of environments from the 90s and 00s
• Full voice cast for English dialogue (Featuring Emily Burnett, Dave Jones and Iestyn Arwel)
• Distinct soundtrack with covers of songs & original score by Alyx Jones

About Developer

We are a 6 person team, with a 50:50 gender split, based all over the UK. We work remotely as a studio but often meet for events, as we show the game regularly at events like WASD, Guildford Games Festival, GDLX to name a few. We are also under the Tentacle Zone Incubator programme, as well as recipients of public funding from the UK government, that we’ve been very lucky to have. We are only small, but we all care about creating a kind and supportive workplace, and speak often about mental health. Many of us are mental health first aid trained and we joined the Level Up programme through Safe in our World, commiting to improving mental health and wellbeing in our work.