Content Warnings

The Perfect Pencil addresses issues of mental health, usually with an ironic yet serious tone.

We understand that this is a sensitive topic and we’re trying to handle it with the utmost care. We are working with a neuroscientist to ensure we approach the theme with the thoughtfulness it requires.

The game is based on the personal knowledge of our game director, so we have firsthand experience with the issues we’re discussing. However, we also know the theme can be painful for some.

Project Introduction

The Perfect Pencil is a 2D action-adventure game inspired by a personal experience of psychological struggle.

Play as John, who found himself trapped in the Kingdom of the White Beast, and help him through a perilous journey of personal growth.

But John’s path won’t be a linear one: you will inevitably be influenced by the game's diegetic narrative.

The unique story of the game, based on a personal yet relatable inner experience, will allow the players to live an adventure that will linger in their minds.

Explore a mysterious, hand-drawn world filled with surprises. Engaging interactions, challenging choices, rewarding exploration and a fast-paced combat will keep the rhythm of gameplay exciting and varied.

The Perfect Pencil creatively merges gameplay elements from action adventure games, metroidvanias, graphic adventures and storytelling-based games.

These elements will nudge the players along to help them reach a (hopefully) positive conclusion to their story, while creating a unique experience that will resonate with them.

Distinctive art will catch the eye, contributing to a gaming experience immediately perceived as meaningful and different.

About Developer

Studio Cima is an Italian independent game studio, based in Milan, Italy. The studio was born in 2019.
We met in 2019 and we started building our studio soon after, armed with the ideas behind The Perfect Pencil.

The Perfect Pencil marks the first time we work together as a studio, but we all come from years of experience working in animation, development, game design, etc.

We decided to embark together in this undertaking of exploring the complexity of the human condition through the medium of video game. We think that the potential of the medium and the reach of its interactive communication can allow us to create an intimate and carefully crafted experience, that we hope will open players to a new perspective.

In the last three years of development, we grew stronger as a team, we learned how to perfect our pipeline and we advanced our skills in every aspect of game development.

We have no doubts that we can deliver a very polished game.

We love what we are doing, and we can’t wait to show it to the world.