Project Introduction

The Operator is an immersive narrative adventure where players will be assigned case files from FDI field agents. They’ll need to investigate each crime by digging for clues and piecing together key information. Whether utilising the Video and Photo Analyzer, Citizen and Vehicle Database, ChemScan, Notepad or fully functional computer console, players will have to use every tool at their disposal to solve murders, cyber attacks and the cases of missing people.

To find the truth, players must unravel a complex web of information and evidence, to piece together a story filled with twists and turns. Operators must follow the trail, no matter how unsettling, to unravel the mysterious narratives, and bring fugitives, such as the FDI’s Most Wanted cyber-criminal HAL, to justice.

About Developer

Founded in 2023, Bureau 81 is an indie game development studio from Bordeaux, in France, driven by a commitment to honesty, loyalty, and sharing. Dedicated to pushing boundaries by crafting unique and innovative gaming experiences, the studio’s debut title is "The Operator", a game that embodies what Bureau 81 is all about: immersive experiences that challenge convention.