The Occultist

Content Warnings

Not explicit but:
Physical abuse

Project Introduction

Alan's father mysteriously vanishes, leaving behind only echoes of the strange stories he told in Alan's childhood. Tales of GodStone, a fictional island where he claimed to have grown up.

Compelled by suspicion, Alan sets course for this elusive place. Accompanying him is a family heirloom - a mystical pendulum, the unique artifact in this game, stirring intrigue and awakening ancient powers.

About Developer

Pentakill Studios is a video game company founded in 2021, built upon years of experience in computer graphics and development. The company's origins trace back to the creation of iVisual, dedicated to advancing training in 3D technologies and video games

Currently, the team of 28 professionals works on-site in Valladolid, Spain. The studio is fully engrossed in the development of our debut first-person horror video game, "The Occultist," which has already amassed over 25 awards and nominations since its announcement.