Content Warnings

No content in the game could upset people. There is action, but nothing gory.

Project Introduction

You play as the Ranger, working in the The Nightwatch and his job is to protect the Wizard Tower from the enemy attack. His main weapon is a bow, that will fire automatically.

To survive, you will need to explore the dark rooms of the Wizard tower. While exploring you will find proceduraly generated events, like a simple chest, where you can find gold and scrolls that open portals to other rooms out of the main battle. These rooms will go to different shops, treasure rooms, boss battles etc.
Coming back from an alternate room will resume the game exactly how you left it, with enemies still in place in the same state as they were before you left.

While exploring, enemies will spawn and try to stop you. Killing them will grant you XP and new upgrades to become stronger.
Enemy horde will become bigger and stronger with time.

There are 100+ trinkets in the game, and each of them is unique. They will create new projectiles around you, new damaging abilities, or help you explore.

Meta progression will be an important aspect of the game to unlock new trinkets and difficulties that are not available the first time. Winning runs, killing bosses or hidden objectives will be the main way to unlock new trinkets.

My goal is to make a game, easy initially, but difficult to master. Building your character is an essential part and I really want to make it as complex and rewarding as possible, weighing your choices and always pick the most effective upgrades to survive.

About Developer

I am Adrien Fantoni, and i created Astrow Games at the beginning of 2024.

Developer by trade, I have been working in Web Development and switched to DevOps after a few years. I really liked my work, but my passion for gaming has always been bigger.

I decided after some free time to start working on a game for a full year and see where it leads. If the quality of my game, and the feedback from players is high enough, I will be more than satisfied, and will potentially work on a new game after this one.

I live in Nice, south of France, and the indie scene is practically inexistant, even after searching hard for a community in the area without success. I have been picked up by a few local papers and I hope i will motivate people in the region to start working on their game and share it.