Content Warnings

The game involves black magic, insanity, alcohol consumption, and sexual language. There is nothing graphically upsetting.

Project Introduction

The Necromancer's Tale is a narrative-driven top-down RPG where you play the role of a minor noble in the 18th Century, drawn into the Dark Necromantic Arts as you seek knowledge and revenge. Great power awaits... along with the weird, the morbid, and a gradual descent into madness. The game is set in an alternative-history kingdom near Venice and the Adriatic Sea. This is a time at the cusp of rational thought and superstition; science and magic. The world is dark and dangerous; courtly intrigue collides with black magic even as chemistry emerges from alchemy.

The Necromancer's Tale is a story-rich game, steeped in lore. You will converse with 150+ NPCs (including some famous historical figures), each with their own portrait art. You will investigate, negotiate, coerce, blackmail, flatter and seduce in order to progress your aims. The game's Trust and Tension systems mean that your choices - even in conversation - really matter. If the townsfolk's trust drops too low, you will find your choices are affected - if it drops further still, you will surely be tried in court and hanged, or lynched by a frenzied mob.

The game involves tactical turn-based combats between you, your allies and your undead minions - versus a range of enemies, natural and supernatural.

About Developer

Psychic Software is Sam Redfern and various collaborators and contractors, and has been making indie games since the mid-1990s, ranging from a turn-based postapocalyptic MMO of vehicular combat (which has been running online since Jan 2006) to Amiga wargames, to casual iPhone games, and lots of other things in between! As a university academic (with a PhD in computer science), Sam has also published some interesting articles on games A.I. for combat and racing games, and for game-based learning.

This project has been part-funded by Creative MEDIA Europe, and developed by a diverse team from across Europe and the USA.