Project Introduction

The Luckiest in the Megaverse came out of a jam within our team toward the end of last year when we needed to create a game to put out with our company, Rednoy. The goal was to make something simple yet unique and special.

During that time, we got really into listening to podcasts and lectures about quantum physics and the Big Bang theory, getting inspired by concepts exploring the universe and its complexity.
Furthermore, we tasted the idea of making a game entirely based on luck for some time.

Essentially, this game is an experiment showing how, in a context of infinite possibilities, the improbable can happen, just like someone can win the lottery infinite times if they have infinite plays available.

According to the Inflation theory, the chaos of chance led to creation. So the creation itself is inside the Lucky Club of chances.

Key features:

- 8 luck trials with increasing levels of improbability;
- Over 1 billion universes to test your luck;
- A leaderboard showcasing the luckiest players;
- Quirky quad-color pixel art;
- A surreal storyline;
- 20 to 30 minutes playthrough;
- Just press a button to play.

About Developer

We are a team of four people who have been working together in game development for about ten years. During this time, we've created and released several games, always focusing on making the gameplay enjoyable and rich in content.