Project Introduction

The Inspector is a short walking simulator scheduled for PC, and eventually Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

The Inspector is a first-person dreamlike adventure about exploring the human mind. You are "The Inspector" and you navigate the subconscious of patients in coma, in search of memories that will wake them up.

In this narrative-focused experience, you will:
Explore the dreams of patients in coma
Locate memories that help wake them up
Escape the sentinels, these organisms who protect the patients’ subconscious

The Inspector implements low-poly and stylized aesthetics to depict a dreamlike fantasy world. The immersive soundtrack and the voice-overs offer players a relaxing experience and a moving story that will leave a lasting impression.

About Developer

The Inspector is the vision of a solo dev, boosted by the expertise of an indie game studio. It's made by a small 3 people team, with people coming from Italy, France and Poland.