Content Warnings

There's some mild infrequent references to fantasy acohol and drug use, and some implied fantasy violence ( a child is taken by a ghost etc)

Project Introduction

"The rain echoes through the empty halls..."
Highrook - an aristocratic eerie of cold rock and rain. Home to the Ackeron family, a noble house fallen into disrepute. Following rumours of dark pacts and shadowy rituals, the Ackerons have vanished. At the request of the city council, a team of occult investigators has been dispatched to investigate.

Combine characters, items and locations to craft tools, potions and occult rites
Explore a dark Victorian world with narrative inspired by HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe and Bram Stoker
Unlock mysteries to reveal new locations and challenges
Keep your team safe from Hunger, Injury and Madness
Outwit the dark forces hidden beneath the surface of the world

About Developer

Hey Its me Tomnullpointer!
I've been making indie games for almost a decade now, from commercial projects to phd research work and free/jam games on Ive given talks at festivals across europe (nordic game, unite, feral vector) and internationally. I've been a part of the indie scene for years and I love it, probably in part due to my non-industry background! I'm limit Break mentor and try to help other indies out wherever i can.. its tough out there !

This is probably my first truly solo commercial game in a while, and i think it represents a certain sort of englishness in terms of literary influences, but it also connections with the long European tradition of deep and complex boardgame culture.