Content Warnings

Mild cartoon violence and partial nudity

Project Introduction

Welcome to the wet and cold streets of New Queens, where the ‘90s vibe meets criminal intrigue in a pulp-inspired adventure that pays homage to the golden era of action-packed gaming. The Henchmen features arena-styled gameplay where speed is your ally. Execute lightning-fast combos that seamlessly blend melee strikes, roll dodges, and sliding. Chain kills together to replenish health and ammo on the fly. You will engage in a variety of missions, starting from the bottom of the barrel and working your way up to organizing the biggest heist in city history. Do you have what it takes to get rich by any means necessary?

The Henchmen features Driver-inspired driving physics, including a dedicated “power slide” button and fierce cops that just can’t help ramming into you at full speed. Afraid of going alone? You can also have a friend join you, as The Henchmen fully supports two-player couch co-op, with split screen and shared screen mode capabilities!

About Developer

Alex Von Bronx is a 25-year-old solo developer from Italy. He is full of passion for game development and an artist at heart. Alex Von Bronx has been working on The Henchmen for five years.