Project Introduction

«The Guardian of Nature» is an exploration adventure game that tells the story of Henry, a botanist who uses his ability to change in size to save the world he is living in. One day, Henry needs to go on a magical journey: The Tree of Life, the forest and its mycelium – the all-connecting fungal network – are in danger. It’s literally a perspective-changing story of epic proportions. On Henry’s journey players explore the beauty of nature in big and small, wander through fungi forests, fly on birds, solve solarpunk puzzles and dive into the magical world of mycelium to eventually put nature back in order.

We believe that these three elements make the game unique:

1. Art style: With the visuals, we are creating a world that players will want to live in and explore, from Henry's cosy home and garden to the beautiful nature above and below ground and the Tree of Life. We want players to feel like they are part of their favourite children's book - but animated and interactive. The game is designed so that you can look at each scene as long as you want to find all the tiny details.

2. Game design: The core of the game design is Henry's ability to change size, which he uses to explore every nook and cranny of nature, from big to small, from mushroom forests, caves, swamps to ant hills, foxholes and other hidden underground areas. Who wouldn't want to be that small sometimes, to hide and explore! The change in size is linked to thoughtful, nature-inspired puzzles that can be solved without the pressure of time, and which involve not only the interdependence of flora and fauna, but also a third category that is essential to ecosystems and biodiversity, and which makes all life on our planet possible: FUNGA – the world of fungi.

3. Theme and story: Recently, the National Geographic Society included funga alongside flora and fauna in its definition of the living nature of our planet. Yet few people are aware of this third kingdom of nature and its vital importance. As a parable, «The Guardian of Nature» tells the story of this unknown world in our soil and lets players experience how everything in nature is connected. It is a meaningful story about the wonders of nature, told through lovable characters, a soothing soundscape and an overall calming atmosphere that stays with you beyond the game.

About Developer

Inlusio Interactive is a studio based in Zurich, Switzerland, that creates meaningful and story-driven interactive formats on socially relevant topics.
We are a close-knit team of four key members dedicated to creating «The Guardian of Nature». Having different voices is important to us and we strive for a balanced creative environment. We also believe that having different team members from different countries across Europe enhances creativity and innovation, making the collaborative effort all the more exceptional.
Currently our team consists of two producers (he/him) and a developer from Switzerland and an art director and animator from the UK (she/her).

As co-founders of Inlusio Interactive, we believe in the importance of a vibrant and thriving game development community. Our commitment to the community aligns seamlessly with our mission to create meaningful and impactful narratives through games and interactive experiences.

Robbert van Rooden has dedicated over 15 years of his career to the Swiss game development landscape. He is a founding member of the Swiss Game Developers Association. In this role, Robbert has worked tirelessly to promote the cultural and economic potential of games in Switzerland. His efforts have extended beyond Switzerland's borders, connecting the Swiss games industry with the wider European games community, such as Switzerland's membership of the European Games Federation (EGDF). He has initiated and co-organised a wide range of events, from Switzerland's very first game demo nights, summits and conferences to the Swiss Game Awards, the local industry's leading award for game creation. Throughout these activities, Robbert has consistently emphasized the social relevance of games, in line with our studio's mission of storytelling for a better world. Robbert also co-founded the Swiss chapter of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), further promoting the idea of an internationally connected industry.

Robin Burgauer brings a unique perspective on the potential of games, bridging the gap between the film and digital industries. With a background rooted in the film industry, Robin has been active in demonstrating how games can complement and enrich storytelling in interactive media. His expertise has led him to sit on international juries, judging and awarding interactive projects that demonstrate the innovative fusion of film and games. Through these activities, Robin promotes the transformative power of interactive storytelling.