Content Warnings

This version of the game does not contain anything that requires a content warning.

Project Introduction

As previously mentioned, this game is a Rage-Platformer. It has four difficulty settings, so that someone who just wants to experience the story may have an easier time with the gameplay.

The player can stick to the walls and ceilings of the levels as they please, this give the player many options to overcome the challening rooms. The sticking-mechanic is rarely used to solve puzzles, but to give almost endess routes to complete a level.
Sometimes a particularly challenging section might reward you with a "Pain Point", these collectables are rewareded for a show of skill or determination.

Sometimes the chellanging parts of the game are broken up by puzzle rooms, here it is important to take your time, as these rooms rarely have any threat. Puzzles consist of very simple doors and circuits.

There is almost no story while playing. The plot of the game will come clear through "Memory Cores", these orbs contain information and memories that help you to find out what has happened in the past. The story of the game is one of pain and tregedy, one of trauma and delusion. Though this story is not in the game as of yet, it is written and will be available in the full release.

About Developer

I am a solo indie developer from germany, currently 19 years old and study software development as a result for my love for programming. I have been programming games for over 5 years now and thought it was time to dip my feet into making my very own commercial game.