Project Introduction

The Darkest Files is a narrative-driven investigation and court game based on true historical crimes. The artstyle mixes cell-shaded, free-roaming 3D environments with 2D comic book panels and effects to create a unique noir-inspired graphic novel look.

The year is 1956, and you are a prosecutor in West-Germany, in charge of solving cases from the war.
Interrogate suspects. As you talk to them, you immerse yourself in their memories and can uncover more clues. But beware, what you experience is based on the suspect's story, so stay on your toes and question everything. It is up to you to find the truth in a sea of lies.

Document Mode allows you to search for context and evidence you can use to confront suspects. The cases are cold, the murderers have been living among us for years. The crime scene has long since been abandoned. The files may be your best allies and the only remaining witnesses.

Reconstruction Board lets you create your own version of the crime. Reconstruct the events that led to an incident step by step. Who is the culprit and who was just a witness?
You are free to choose how you present the events - but you must be able to prove it in the end.

Court will challenge you to defend yourself against the defense's attempts to declare your theory implausible. Know the facts - and the files - and use your knowledge at the right moment to refute the other side, expose the truth, and put the perpetrator behind bars.

About Developer

We at Paintbucket Games are decidedly humanitarian, and the values we represent are reflected in the games we make. Our games serve as statements against racism, antisemitism, and every other form of hate and discrimination. With well researched historical and political themes, our games allow our players to respectfully engage with the past.

We are part of the “Saftladen” in Berlin, a collective of indie game studios, who share infrastructure and knowledge to achieve more successful productions without crunch.