Content Warnings

Nothing special, unless you don't like creatures (xenomorphs) and are afraid of the dark.

Project Introduction

· Explore the surface and underground of the planet CECLON, a vast open world.
· Prepare yourself the day before the last glimmers of the sun moon herald the arrival of the dark night...
· Enhance Jensen and his battle drone through an RPG progression system by spending points in different stats and learning skills.
· Face different types of Nocturnes (xenomorphs), each with unique and varied behaviors, and challenge the formidable primordials!
· Discover the various endings of the game and difficulty modes that make the experience more realistic than ever.
· Run, jump, dodge, and use your battle drone and its varied arsenal to defeat the Nocturnes.
· Gather and use resources you find to craft items necessary for your survival.
· Use the wallpass, a versatile vehicle that facilitates your movements on the planet.
· Collect heaps of items with diverse effects to progress in the adventure or further enhance your character and battle drone.
· Experience mature, dark, and engaging moments with a touch of humor immersing you in a futuristic universe for the survival of the human species.

About Developer

My name is Alexandre Huger, and I've been an independent video game developer for 5 years now under the name SOLIDS Studio, alongside my work as Producer at Kylotonn in Paris. A lifelong video game enthusiast, I've now been making THE DARK SIDE OF CECLON, a very ambitious game, for over 4 years.