Project Introduction

The Dark Horde is a roguelike, hence evry run is different by the previous. The core of the game revolves around playing cards and actions that cost time. You can only play a card/action then wait for its time cost to be payed. During the "wait time" the battle unravels automatically. Once the action stops again, you can decide based on strategy, on your build or any circumstance what to play next: a card or an action!
During the battle you can collect gold and souls which are then used to purchase new cards, improve the actions or activate special skills that alter the gameplay.
You also gain experience points playing and by leveling up various features are unlocked progressively. Once you complete a run with one of the 15 (unlockable) starting decks, you are award permanently with an upgraded card from that deck.
Basically the idea is to reward the player with permanent boosts for their future runs. Also upgrade can be planned, making the strategy quite plannable or "adjustable" based on which cards are added to the deck.

About Developer

I work solo and I do evrything by myself. This was rather a "challenge choice": being a dev is not my main source of income so I though it would be funny to plan a game, ponder the scope wisely and develop it without relying to much on external sources.