Content Warnings

Our game contains blood, but stylized and from an isometric perspective, so it shouldn't cause any extreme inconvenience to anyone.

Project Introduction

The Book of Aaru is an action rogue-lite set in the Egyptian underground, enriched by tones of dark, gothic-stylized caves and retro-sci-fi technologies. It features an innovative approach to dungeon exploration and precise souls-like combat, enhanced by the major ability to bend time (with the whole game aspect revolving around this ability). Players will master versatile attack combinations resulting in unique outcomes to battle monsters with complex AI. They will also explore (and destroy) the dungeon to find hidden treasures and materials while overcoming action trap sequences with non-repeating solutions, and they'll be able to visit other dimensions behind secret portals for even more potent loot.

The Book of Aaru aims to redesign level creation to find synergy between RPG-like exploration and Roguelite fast-paced procedural generation. We believe the outcome will please a wide audience of RPG and Roguelite enthusiasts alike.

About Developer

Amenti Studio started as a small startup in 2021 with one investor and one developer. It immediately reached for an ambitious project to create an A-AA roguelite game. After some planning and learning, the project of The Book of Aaru was started in 2022 with now 4 sized team. Since then, Amenti Studio occasionally hiers part-time workers to help out with sounds, UI etc. Even thus these part-time workers aren't part of the core team, they are considered a stable part for the studio.

The Book of Aaru is Amenti’s first project and so we pour all our passion and efforts into it. Same way it is also founded - by one man with a dream to create video games.