Content Warnings

In the game, there is non-realistic blood and gore.

Project Introduction

The Book is a fast-paced, action-packed first-person shooter set in a world inhabited by pirates and supernatural creatures, featuring a rapid gameplay loop inspired by recent high-intensity action games.

Combat and exploration
Engage in fast-paced combat, unleashing your best arsenal, and seamlessly alternating between frenetic arena battles and exploration. Scour every corner of the environment to discover essential resources for crafting and upgrading your weapons.

In "The Book", a mysterious manuscript that you have come into possession of, there are instructions for crafting powerful weapons belonging to another time. The full power of these weapons will be necessary to progress in this supernatural world of pirates.

The Grenade
Alternate between your favorite firearms and your trusty grenade. The grenade will serve as both a support weapon, amplifying firearm damage, and as support for the combat loop. Many upgraded weapons take advantage of the grenade effect.

The Sword
Use your mysterious sword in combination with your arsenal to keep yourself alive! The sword will allow you to instantly kill certain types of enemies, healing your character from the wounds of war. As you progress in the game and enhance your character's abilities, you will be able to kill increasingly stronger enemies in a single strike.

About Developer

I am a solo indie game developer. I started messing around with Unity in 2019, making prototypes just for fun. In 2022, I decided to start my first commercial project, "The Book". For now, I am not a full-time developer; I'm developing the game in my free time, hoping to go full-time in the future.