Content Warnings

General scary content, arachnophobia, blood, cute creatures being injured or killed, claustrophobia, thalassophobia

Project Introduction

The Bog is an emotional adventure through an evocative underwater realm, where you play as the vulnerable baby otter Lino accompanied by the orphaned baby axolotl Alissa, as they search the depths for Lino’s lost mom. The Bog mixes tense survival horror and dread with playful respite and beauty. The core gameplay consists of stealth, light puzzle solving, exploration, chase sequences and playful minigames such as tag and hide and seek. It is highly story driven, and both Lino and Alissa will evolve throughout the experience. You can interact with the world through grabbing, as well as singing.

Descend ever deeper into the bog and explore places such as the muddy shallows, the hydrothermal abyss, the beautiful cove, a sunken oil refinery and even inside a giant sturgeon! Each zone of the game has a main boss that hunts our protagonists, as well as Lino’s own manifested fear in the form of a shadow that is constantly out to get him.

We are using a novel movement system for Lino. His animations are blending hand-made and procedural techniques, and you control his limbs independently with the right and left triggers. He is also a 3D model being rendered into 2D in Godot.

We care a lot about immersion in The Bog, and will use little to no HUD elements. We are inspired by games such as Little Nightmares, INSIDE and Rain World, and want to create a sense of a grand ecosystem where you are a vulnerable and insignificant being. You need to use both wit and agility to prevail in this hostile world.

A very important part of The Bog is your companion Alissa. She can help Lino in many ways, such as using her headbash ability to break barriers and stun enemies. She is hard-headed and brimming with personality, and proves to be invaluable in not only staying alive and solving puzzles, but also as a friend that helps Lino face his fear.

About Developer

Nightmire AS is based in Norway and we are hard at work on our debut game The Bog.
Our mission is to create games that transcend mere entertainment, inspiring reflection through immersive and emotional experiences. Some of our key points of focus are exploration, atmosphere, immersion, traversal and storytelling.