Tempest Tower

Project Introduction

Dodge and weave through endless waves of enemies while frantically collecting resources and herding the local critters to safety in this 3rd person tower defense platformer!

• 3rd person platforming​
• Buildings that enhance enemy zoning, damage, player movement, and resource collection
• Vertical and maze-like maps that incrementally reveal to the player after each wave​
• Rescue friendly creatures from the enemy horde​
• Draft upgrades and bonuses to keep levels fresh


• Defend and upgrade your central tower​
Protect the main tower while it dishes out damage to approaching enemies​

• Strategize with buildings
Build contraptions that influence player movement, enemy zoning, and resource collection​

• Push Back the Horde​
Successfully defend a wave, forcing the enemy back while revealing more of the map​

• Draftable upgrades to keep levels fresh​
Start levels with a basic loadout, then draft upgrades, abilities, and buildings after each wave​

• Save the local fauna​
Herd the native critters (Peepers) to safety and gain bonus upgrades​

• Wind Power​
Produce gusts of wind with your broom to power up buildings, help Peepers, and push enemies


The world of Trip Space is collapsing, Peepers are in danger, and it's up to you to push back these infectious enemies​.
Use your trusty broom and clunky contraptions to clear out the infection, herd Peepers to safety, and force the horde of enemies to retreat.

About Developer

Half Past Yellow is a Copenhagen-based game development studio founded by Gianfranco, Remy, Casper, and Max. Coming from a background of game-jamming and quick prototypes, Half Past Yellow was created to turn their passion into a business. As a company, Half Past Yellow strives to create unique games that are mechanically engaging and highly polished.

Half Past Yellow has released 2 commercial titles, Tiny Tomb (2019) and Time on Frog Island (2022).