Project Introduction

In this game, you're not just a player; you're the conductor of a life-and-death symphony. This immersive narrative rhythm game invites you to embrace the past and experience history like never before.

Step into the year of 1920, a time when the world stood at a crossroads. The aftermath of World War I had left Europe scarred, and the winds of revolution stirred across the continent.

In this era of uncertainty, the Polish-Soviet War erupted - a decisive conflict that would shape the fate of nations in the years to come. Poland found itself fighting for survival, determined to maintain its hard-fought independence in the face of the Soviet Union's red wave - a force aiming to spread communism across Europe. This conflict represented a struggle between ideologies - Poland's fight for democracy against the advancing tide of Soviet communism - a collision of beliefs that culminated in the pivotal Battle of Warsaw.

Will you take part in resisting the incoming red wave? Step up as a radio telegraphist amidst the chaos of everything at once - anxiety, battle and people that you care about. YOU are the critical link between commanders and soldiers, using your mastery of Morse code and sharp rhythm to guide your side to victory.

Historical Campaign: Relive the dramatic Polish-Soviet War through a gripping narrative in over 20 carefully crafted levels.
Boss Encounters: Throughout the campaign, you will encounter multiple soviet commanders leading their armies. Jam their signals, break soviet code, or use other ways to help your troops on the frontline.
Dynamic Gameplay: React to rapidly changing conditions, from broken machinery to fatigue that comes from endless hours of work. The fate of troops hinges on your steady hand.
Cosmetics Inventory: Immerse yourself further in the historical narrative by customizing your room with a trove of authentic items. Each piece carries its own story, forging a connection to the past.
Player-Made Campaigns: Create your custom campaigns using the built-in Level Editor and play all of them via the Steam Workshop.

Experience a game where your keystrokes echo the bravery of polish ancestors. Serve as a safeguard, protecting Western Europe from the spread of communism. Are you ready to become a Telegraphist?

About Developer

Cubepotato Games is a tiny Polish indie developer. We are a group of young and passionate friends who teamed up to cook some unconventional games. We've met either in high school or on offline game jams.

Telegraphist 1920 is our first serious project. It all started on HackYeah 2022, where the idea was born. To our surprise, we won 2nd place! Now, we want to take it to the next level and release Telegraphist as a full-featured game.