Project Introduction

Your rising star was shining bright and you were going straight to the top. And once misfortune struck, it struck hard. In an instant, the days of living large in the prestigious high-rises were gone.
Looks like you need to go back to doing what you know best - bouncing the door at your old job in the Green Door club. Seems that, much like you, the club has nowhere to go but up, and so it’s time to bring it back to its former glory.

As the keeper of the gate, you must use your wits and quick thinking to turn away unwanted guests and maintain the club's reputation. Each guest comes with their own unique personality and backstory, and you must assess their worthiness based on a range of factors, including dress code, behavior, and attitude. Remember - no blue jeans!

When you decide someone doesn’t make the cut comes your time to shine!
Deliver your most clever quips and insults, exploit every weakness you find and deliver a lyrical smackdown that will send them crying for mommy.

Techno Banter’s visuals and sounds capture the essence of the Berlin techno clubbing scene, with bright neons, heavy bass, and an otherworldly vibe. The inspirations drawn heavily from the real world are twisted into something more surreal and will stun you as you navigate the bustling Green Door club and the famed Rainbow Drive in which it resides.

The residents of the area are exactly what you would expect from such a district, and more. Meet the geeks and freaks of Rainbow Drive and learn their wicked backstories, until finally you realise you might be exactly the right person in the right place.

Who would be better suited to fill the Green Door club with heavy, techno beats, than real-life DJs rooted in the Berlin techno scene? Each day and each party is accentuated by deep house tracks that burrow in your ear and instantly transport you to the raw, underground basements where the beat is law and the BPMs flow freely.

About Developer

Our interdisciplinary team consists of a group of close family members with many years of professional experience in their respective areas of expertise. We decided to unite our art in a medium that connects us since childhood: The video game. We consciously play on all artistic levels and interweave them in a braid of sound, image and content. This is shown in hand-drawn characters and self composed/produced game music