Content Warnings

Cartoon Violence, Gore, Crude Language

Project Introduction

SULFUR combines first-person shooter mechanics with role-playing and roguelite elements.
Make important decisions to survive battles and explore a world of intense and brutal combat. Welcome to a modern old-school action-adventure: Outsmart enemies, find treasure, improve weapons, harness powers. Delve deeper, find answers, make it end.

Plan ahead to outsmart enemies and progress through a world of dark creatures and cunning evil. Utilize playful and tactile weaponry in visceral and intense combat. Make creative builds with weapons, equipment, tools and enchantments to aid your quest. Run out blazing or carefully plan out your strategies, plenty of playstyles and the choice is yours.

A place filled to the brim with action, juicy guns, dashing combat and monstrosities lurking around every corner. Enhance guns with combinations of a wide variety of enchantments and attachments. Explore to discover secrets, find loot and treasure - but be careful. Think carefully; everything you bring can be lost, anything you don't bring is not there to help you. Every decision is bound with risk.

Experience the atmosphere, suspense, and tribulation of a world in redemption. What happened? Why did it happen? Travel through misty vales, dark forests, sordid Black Guild shanties and pass through castle walls and beyond. Go deeper, head on. Answers come to those who listen.

Explore, discover, uncover. On your adventure you encounter odd creatures in in the most unexpected places - heed their warnings. They may despise you, admire you, cheer you on, or be indifferent to you and your journey. Will you have to charm, threat, bribe, or rid them? Will they help you? Will you help them?

About Developer

About Perfect Random

We’re a little indie studio making heartful, dumb and pretentious games.
Our debut title is SULFUR, which started development in 2021. It’s a single-player FPS taking inspiration from our favorite old-school and modern classic shooters. Hope you like it.