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Project Introduction

Subzero Tides is a unique colony builder where you'll build a sustainable colony in an inhospitable environment of the Europa moon made possible by the geothermal vents which are bringing the heat and warm water to the icy surface.


Select your mission partner from one of the 8 major global corporations in the year 2224. Create an expedition company, build a colony with habitation modules, generate power, secure a water supply and extract resources from the harsh landscape. Manage every aspect, from resource processing to food production and expedition finances. 8 playable mission partners are: Omnia Corp, Quantum Dynamics, PharmacoGenetics, Kansai Robotics, Wushan Group, Genetix Corp, Nexus Systems and New World Mining.


Guide a group of colonists, each with unique skills and roles, including mission commanders, engineers, researchers, and more. And don't forget our robotic companions – choose from three distinct android models, each with their own abilities.


Journey to the year 2224 and secure funding from one of eight corporations, each with its own bonuses and events. Discover the unique setting on the Europa moon combining the extreme cold of the moon with subsurface ocean tides bringing heat to the surface through the geothermal vents.


Engage in a deep gameplay through the complex set of variables, events, tasks, resources and unique disasters. Master an intuitive interface with resource management, route planner, access to the market, diplomacy, research, and more. Explore the region map with the possibility of transferring resources between colonies and exploration missions. Manage loans, bonds, mergers and other corporate machinations.

About Developer

Logical Progression Games is an independent game development studio dedicated to crafting deep and increasingly strategic single-player PC games. Current game in development is a sci-fi colony builder Subzero Tides, and already released game is an action RPG Terra Ventura. Studio is run by a solo developer.