Project Introduction

Storybook of Tactics is a colorful rogue-lite auto battler, putting you in control of an army full of units with varied traits, and giving you a tactical depth with equipping items, obtaining powers and selecting and placing units on the battlefield to win battles against multiple waves of enemies and powerful bosses.

Tactical yet accessible auto battler
New players to the genre can quickly understand the rules of making a successful army, while auto battler veterans can fight for flawless victories with various map modifiers.

Colorful 2D art
From animations, diverse locations, design of bosses, to enemies and skills - everything is colorful and pleasant.

Flexible playstyles
There are dozens of build opportunities suitable for different tactics, and switching items every wave keeps changing your units strengths and prepares them to face constantly changing enemy’s armies.

About Developer

Our mission is is to create innovative and enjoyable games that makes player feel just as good as when they’re looking at a cute laughing fox.

Since 2019, we focus on PC development and our biggest title yet is Tower of Chaos, a unique combination of rogue-lite & auto battler.