Content Warnings

The game isn't particularly graphic, but you can swear in it. And there's an item that gives mechanical implications to swearing.

There's also spiders, although there's a warning for them in game.

Project Introduction

The game is in a medieval-inspired setting, with a freeform node-style travel similar to Kingsway, FTL, and Slay the Spire, and starts you off with no immediate goals, with your only path forwards being through the "tutorial" dungeon where you're introduced to the word-forming-based combat. From there you can explore outwards. Progression within a run is primarily from dungeon rewards and from upgrades, consumables, and gear you can buy from the various settlements with gold earned from dungeons. You can also permanently unlock additional classes and upgraded gear for future runs. After an amount of exploring, formally when you arrive at a level 4 combat area, you'll stumble upon the "main plot", wherein a giant anomaly appears at the middle of map with a fireball, and marks the 7 shrines around the map that you may have encountered up to that point. This is where the freely available demo ends. Continuing from this point, you can explore further out of the newly devastated land, complete the wordle-style minigames at the shrines, fight you way through demons to get back to the anomaly, through what used to be the tutorial dungeon; now the penultimate battle. Once you've fought your way to the anomaly, that's basically all the implemented "story" content.

As the unlockable classes of the demonkin and the cultist, instead you are the danger, and you go around the same shrines as before, descacrating them and reading from your book of swears.

About Developer

I started out modding games, very early on modding games like Total Annihilation, Black & White, Killing Floor, and Morrowind, my mods for which I never made public. Later I publicly released mods for Oblivion and Supreme Commander, the latter of which I still work on and do commissions for, with my most popular mod-content being the Supreme Commander mod BrewLAN.

When it comes to game dev, I did a few unreleased projects around the lockdown times, including one that was intended to be a Pokemon-like game, but I never got as far as implementing any of the monster-related aspects of the game, instead getting distracted adding vehicles, dynamic lighting, and birds that you could honk your horn at to make them scatter.

Sternly Worded Adventures is my first 'proper game', in that it's the first standalone project that I'd point to and say "I made that".