Project Introduction

Starsim is a sci-fi multi-genre (pausable real-time, text quest, turn-based tactics) computer game where you can be anyone.

Players explore a partially randomly generated galaxy, with each sector containing multiple stars and planets. This results in a universe of hundreds of planets, each with its own economy, government and opinion of the player.

The game is not limited by borders and allows players to influence the branching storyline. At the same time, the larger and more expansive game world lives and evolves on its own. In Starsim, players will have the opportunity to test their skills not only in space, but also in turn-based tactics.

One of the game's features is the simulation of ship control, including crew management, ship modification and control of systems such as weapons, engines and shields.

In Starsim, the player will control a spaceship and crew as they travel across the galaxy and complete various missions. He will be able to choose missions, explore new planets, star systems, star sectors. Participate in battles with enemies both on land and in space.

In addition, the player will have the opportunity to show their leadership potential and manage the team in various situations, such as missions and battles.

Overall, Starsim is a fun combination of different genres and mechanics that allows the player to experience a unique space world and create their own story.

About Developer

Me (Viktor Martynovsky) is Ukrainian developer living in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine.