Project Introduction

Stardust Exile is an RTS set in the Milky Way galaxy, containing currently known stars and exoplanets with their real characteristics. The remaining star systems are procedurally generated based on currently known data. The total number of star systems is 200,418,611,014 counted with a script. This value is based on the current estimated number of stars in our galaxy. You can explore and control systems and rename stars and planets that you control outside of the Solar System.

It allows you to create your own spaceship designs with an in-game procedural spaceship generator to give your fleet a unique look. Spaceships visuals do not change their stats. This way players won't have to use ships they don't like because of superior stats.

All players are in the same universe, and the world is persistent. You compete with other players to take back the Solar System and end your exile. Players can always retreat to the periphery to regain strength and rebuild their fleets as needed.

The game is being developed by a solo dev and is currently available in Early Access.

About Developer

Solo developer from Portugal who quit his job to work full-time on his own projects.