Project Introduction

You’re Oda, a first time space traveler, forging their own story aboard a mysterious solar punk spaceship. Explore a strange ship filled with cozy cosmic chaos, master a physical world full of unexpected situations and uncover the traces left behind by former inhabitants - one journey at a time.

A mysterious ship of wonders. Explore the strange rooms of a vast, organic spaceship - through flying, floating or walking on walls. Uncover the interwoven layout of a ship full of mysterious machines, peculiar plants and odd objects.

Cozy cosmic chaos. Experiment with playful physical chaos, take care of potent alien plants, set up logical signal chains and master bizarre black hole science. Exploit the chaos to venture deeper into the ship.

Limited time, unlimited knowledge. Your first journey is very short - but can be replayed again and again. Gather more and more knowledge to progress faster and further each time. Become a master of handling your environment - one short hyperlight jump at a time.


- Everything is physical. Everything around you is physically simulated. All objects have weight and react to impact and gravity - and so do you.

- All items are connected. Fruits emit signals, signals activate buttons, buttons activate machines, machines convert items, items get thrown into black holes and… well good luck. In space no one will stop you creating chaos.

- Dynamic gravity. Use and change each room's gravity to walk on the walls, ceiling or just fly around in 0G to explore places normally out of reach.

- Fill in the blanks. Collect all the memories and piece together what really happened during Odas first journey into space.

About Developer

Schleuder Games is a small indie game studio from Berlin & Brandenburg founded in 2023. We are a team of five working on our first game Space Sprouts, a hand drawn 2D sci-fi game with lots of cozy cosmic chaos.