Content Warnings

You play as a dog and you can get hit by a car.

Project Introduction

You play as a dog called Matty. It has a third person view with level specific camera. The main actions are pulling jumping and grabbing on to things. It is very linear and story based. The challenges are different types of puzzles and fun solutions to get to a next level and cinematic. Mood is noir and cartoony.

About Developer

The core team is 2 people (Roland Seer and Mart Vihermäe). We also get some help from our writer(Mika Keränen) and illustrator(Marja-Liisa Plats). We do it next to our main job and mostly for fun. We get lots of info and help from estoninan idie game dev community and I(Roland) have some connections with danish indie scene. I studied animation there.