Content Warnings

A few monsters with greek tragedy story and dystopian setting.

Project Introduction

A cataclysmic event turned the once beautiful and proud Greco-Roman space vessel Atromitos into breeding grounds for infested horrors from an unknown dimension.

In the aftermath, a mysterious force chooses to interfere with destiny and awaken Adrestia from rubble and ashes. As Adrestia, you are trying to stop your twin sister Harmonia from unraveling the universe, but many questions remain unanswered.

In the search for answers you explore the vast space vessel while gaining powers, knowledge and skills for what might save your ultimate destiny.

Experience a Metroidvania where combat is about mastering acrobatic freedom. Explore an environment that embraces diverse gameplay styles to suit every player.

About Developer

Rock Pocket Games is a passionate indie developer from Tønsberg in Norway founded by Ivan Moen. They previously made Shitflings and Moons of Madness in addition to helping many developers realize their games as co-developer