Project Introduction

Embark on a unique journey with the robot, who will have to become a Chumak, a master salt merchant who conquers treacherous mines in search of resources and defends himself from the waves of myrmidons of the ruler of the underground kingdom, Zmiy Horynych.

1. The player is invited to explore mines to dig salt and solve various puzzles.
2. During this part of the game, we are limited in time.
3. After underground adventures, we return to the surface, where we have to charge the battery and protect the camp from various enemies.
4. Тhere is the improvement of existing and the discovery of unique skills, as well as weapons.
5. We put enjoyment of the gameplay as one of the priority development goals, using a variety of tools for this.

A rich and joyful story awaits you, which combined two different genres. The adventures ahead are seasoned with humor, made in an original cartoon style with interspersed ethnic details.

About Developer

Hello! )

Our Ukrainian-Lithuanian team, "Little Funny Souls", was created as part of Gamedev Camp Season 4. We only had 3 months to create our own game. We have minimal game development experience, but a huge desire to grow!
Project curators and mentors from various industries helped us along the way. Camp's ultimate goal was to release a demo version of the game.

Currently, the composition of the team is as follows:
1. Game Designer - Stanislav Miletskyi
2. 2D Animator - Valeriia Rebenok
3. 2D Artist - Justinas Ališauskas
4. Programmer - Eugene Mozok
5. Sound Designer - Daniel Nielsen

We continue to work and improve the game. Ahead adaptation "Solianiko" to mobile devices and consoles.