Project Introduction

Snacktorio is a factory-cooking simulator where you must satisfy the appetites of unspeakable horrors... with food! Build and manage sprawling networks of machines & pipes to mass produce delicious meals that can satiate the endless hunger of the beasts that are invading your home. Order Up!

As one of the remaining chefs in your tribe, the responsibility of maintaining the balance with the monsters through the tasty medium of food has fallen on your grubby lil hands. Can you turn the tide on the ever growing threat of invasion, while proving your status as a Witchelin Star chef?

- Factory simulation in a 2D platforming setting
- Explore and mine for ores, resources, and spices
- Mass-produce food through automated cooking machines
- Take & fufill orders from all sorts of insatiable hangry beasts
- Build and manage networks of pipes to get ingredients where they need to be
- Experience all the stress of managing a restaurant without any of the pay!

About Developer

This game is being created by UK-born indie dev duo TNgineers, (Ell and their brother Jamie), inspired by their love of factory simulation games.

They wanted to make something satisfyingly complex without using the same tired sci-fi theme for the genre, and dive into how different recipes could be made in interesting ways when using an RPG-esque setting.