Content Warnings

Red blood, cartoonish violence against demonic fantasy creatures.

Project Introduction

Fight against insane hordes of demons to prevent an evil overlord from conquering Sky World in this first-person survival roguelike shooter. With an arsenal of weapons, perks, and items, the battlefield quickly transforms into a fast-paced bullet hell.

Slyders is an over-the-top FPS roguelite bullet hell where chaos meets fun. You are the Green Guardian, a handsome frog warrior who stands up against the insane hordes of a demon army that has invaded Sky World.

About Developer

Kato Games is the brainchild of Clemens Schmitt, an experienced game developer who previously worked for other companies on indie titles like Typoman, Squishies, and Everslaught and has now gone solo. Located in Cologne, Germany, Clemens enjoys the vivid local game dev scene and is a frequent visitor of Gamescom.