Project Introduction

Slopecrashers is like the dopest mashup of a family-friendly party game and some hardcore, adrenaline-pumping snowboarding action. Imagine the cool vibes of Mario Kart combined with the sick tricks of SSX.

Pick your animal avatar (from audacious penguin to adorable capybara), nail your landing and hit the course to compete in either both PvP or PvE antics.

Gameplay Experience
- High-Octane Races: Rally your crew for some high-speed, white-knuckle races. Dive into a world where arcade snowboarding means busting out stellar stunts, chaining combos, and boosting big air.
- Strategic Combat: Use your smarts and snowboarding savvy to outplay the competition and carve your way to victory on the slopes.
- Diverse Characters: Choose from a wild lineup of fully customizable animal characters – from a rad chicken to a crafty capybara, a slick lemur, a chill penguin, and more!
- Versatile Play Options: Ride solo, tearing it up in local co-op (1-4 players), or battling it out in online multiplayer (up to 8 players).
- Dynamic Environments: Shred across a variety of epic landscapes – from powdery mountain peaks to rooftop stuntshows, sun-kissed tropical island slaloms, and scorching desert boss battles!

Strap in, hit the slopes, and get ready to throw down some epic tricks in this ultimate snowboard combat racer. Let's see what you've got, Slopecrashers!

About Developer

Slopecrashers is developed by byteparrot, a solo indie dev studio by Austrian developer Johannes Lugstein. It marks the studio's debut and is an homage to great snowboarding games of the past. From the early days of development, incorporating player feedback has been playing a key role in creating the best possible experience for both newcomers and pros of the genre.

Centrally, without the support of the indie games scene, this project wouldn't have been possible. As a solo developer, the support of other indies from devs to marketers has been central to the game's success so far. Thanks to their collective effort, Slopecreashers even made it to ZLAN 2024 in France as the final game in the competition and exhibiting at London's WASD the year.