Project Introduction

The world was not prepared for the invasion. In a few months, every kingdom of the known world surrendered to the magic-using invaders masquerading as our old Gods. But humanity has not given up yet! Those who dare to oppose the new world order formed the shadow council in secret, and they tasked You to lead the resistance against these false Gods in this turn-based tactical strategy game.

Build up the resistance:
You will need to build and manage bases throughout the continent. These will provide the resources necessary to hire and equip your troops and learn more about the magic the invaders are using. Every region has a unique culture that gives access to different equipment skills and resources. You will always have to weigh the importance of the regions in the strategic situation you find yourself in.

Outsmart the invaders on a strategic level:
The invaders' grip on the continent is not absolute... yet. But they have multiple armies conducting missions every month, and it is your job to figure out the best ways to slow down their advance. The invaders have their own goals they try to archive with their armies, and they are constantly assessing how much danger the resistance poses to them and change those plans accordingly.

Manage and upgrade your team:
In combat, you will lead a 6-8 unit team which you can fully customize with equipment and skills. To reinforce the customization, there are no classes, only attributes like sword-wielding or barbarian, which all units can learn. This gives you the freedom to mix and match them to create your perfect team.

Sabotage the invading armies in turn-based tactical combat:
The resistance managed to get a working teleporter, which serves as their biggest asset. With proper intel and smart unit placement, your team can teleport to exactly where you need them to be, giving you a headstart on every mission. Position and teamwork are key to completing your objective.

Try again:
The game is being built from the ground up to focus on replayability. There are multiple invading forces with different enemies and a reactive campaign AI necessitating a different approach. Nor you will be able to access or afford everything in one playthrough, giving ample space for experimenting with different approaches. Every invasion story will be yours to write. And humanity can only hope you are up to the task to save it from becoming Slaves of Magic!

About Developer

We are just a couple working on the game in Budapest, Hungary.